A CRO with unique expertise in clinical studies related to immunology

INNOVA Experience

Our team has developed the necessary experience to ensure successful implementation of our clinical studies. Working in an emerging clinical research environment, Innova has accumulated extensive experience in anticipating and mitigating country-specific challenges across the MENA. Having repeatedly exceeded expectations in reaching our milestones, Innova has experience in turning these MENA challenges to a successful experience for our sponsors, time after time.


Experience with a broad base of immune-based therapies has enabled the development of an extensive global network of experienced sites and the rapid access to a large pool of patients with immuno-mediated diseases such as:

- Rhumatoid Arthritis
- Psoriatic Arthritis
- Ankylosing Spondylitis
- Crohn’s Disease
- Ulcerative Colitis
- Psoriasis
- Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
- Behçet’s Disease


The MENA region is becoming increasingly attractive to clinical studies in hematology and oncology, thanks to the presence of highly experienced and motivated investigators at key institutions across the entire region. Today, hemato-oncology indications head the list of diseases investigated in the MENA region. INNOVA has large expertise in these therapeutic areas, conducting trials in the following indications:

Solid tumors:
Breast Cancer
Lung Cancer
Gastric cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Colon cancer
Prostate and other Genito Urinary cancers


Hodgkin and non Hodgkin lymphoma
Leukemia (Chronic and Acute)


Other Hematological Diseases:
Sickle Cell Disease
Aplastic anemia
Fibrinogen deficiency
Gaucher disease
Transfusional hemosiderosis


As the challenging quest for new medications in the CNS area continues, the MENA region becomes an increasingly attractive source of untapped patient pools.
The complexity of CNS studies, however, requires specific know-how to enable the proper management of such studies within an emerging region like the MENA. Innova’s team offers niche CNS experience that can ensure a smooth implementation of your prospective CNS trial.

Indications that we have worked on:

- Multiple Sclerosis
- Alzheimer’s Disease
- Parkinson’s Disease
- Bipolar Disorder
- Migraine.

Rare Diseases

The MENA region is known for the high prevalence of genetic disorders. These disorders are partially due to consanguineous marriages (between relatives such as first cousins) and to the fact of continuing childbearing up until the menopause which may lead to chromosomal disorders.
Innova’s team has managed studies in rare diseases across the entire MENA countries.

Our experience includes:

1. Cross-country patient recruitment and referral
2. Collaboration with disease-specific societies and patient groups
3. Management of complex study-specific logistics

Some of the diseases we have worked on:

1. Familial Mediterranean Fever
2. Familial Hypercholesterolemia
3. Cushing’s disease
4. Muccopolyssacharidosis IVa
5. Growth hormone deficiency
6. Familial Hypophosphatasia
7. AA Amyloidoisis
8. Morquio A syndrome
9. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy